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Clockwise from Upper Left: Old Mesilla, Organ Mountains above Las Cruces, and Chili Ristras in Hatch, New Mexico




This list of books and other media is available at the Thomas Branigan Memorial Library in Las Cruces. You can probably obtain copies of most of these materials through interlibrary loan, or on Ebay or Amazon.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Hispanic Genealogy. Flores, Norma P. and Patsy Ludwig 929.1 Flo
  • A Student's Guide to Mexican-American Genealogy. Ryskamp, George R. and Peggy Ryskamp 929.1 Rys
  • Mexican and Spanish Family Research. Konrad, J. 929.1068 Kon
  • New Mexico Newspapers. 016.0718
  • New Mexico State Library Newspaper Holdings, 1990. 929.3789 N
  • Spanish & Mexican Records of the American Southwest. Beers, Henry Putney 929.1 Bee
  • Tracing Your Hispanic Heritage. Ryskamp, George 929.1 Rys
  • Genealogical Resources in New Mexico. Daniel, Karen Stein 929.3789 Dan
  • Handy Genealogical Guide to New Mexico. Hawley Spiros, Joyce V. 929.3789 Spi
  • Naturalization Records by New Mexico Courts. Daniel, Karen Stein and Elizabeth Louise Albright 929.3789 Dan
  • New Mexico Genealogist - Comprehensive Index, vols. 1-38, 1962-1999. 929.3789 New
  • A Guide to New Mexico Genealogical Study. Espinoza, Gilbert 929.3789 Esp
  • Genealogical Resources in New Mexico. Esterly, Robert E. 929.3789 Est
  • Newspapers, Indexes & Historical Documents on Microfilm, 1988. 929.3789 S
  • As We Remembered It 929.3789 Dex
  • The Spanish Recolonization of New Mexico: An account of the families recruited at Mexico City in 1693. 929.3789 Esq
  • Family Connections in New Mexico. 929.3789 G
  • Roundup on the Pecos. 929.3789 Rou
  • Genealogy of Selected Hispanic Families in New Mexico and Southern Colorado, 1538-1990. 929.3789 M
  • Those in Southern New Mexico. 929.3789 LaB
  • It Tolled for New Mexico: New Mexicans Captured by the Japanese. 929.3789 Mat
  • Post Offices of New Mexico. 929.3789 Hel
  • The Centennial History of the Church of the Good Shepherd. 929.3789 Hen
  • Spain's New Mexico Patriots in its 1779-1783 War with England. 929.3789 Hou
  • Spanish Enlistment Papers of New Mexico, 1732-1820.929.3789 Olm
  • Descendants of New Mexico: Early Spanish Settlers. 929.3789 Rom
  • New Mexico's Contributions to the American Revolutionary Cause, 1779-1785. 929.3789 McC
  • New Mexico State University, Rosters of Students from 1890 to 1928.929.3789 New
  • New Mexico Mining Fatalities and Accidents.929.3789 Dan
  • El Cerrito, NM: 8 Generations in a Spanish Village.929.3789 Nos
  • New Mexico Place Names: A Geographical Dictionary.929.3789 P
  • The Spanish Archives of NM. 929.3789 Twi
  • Vital Records of Las Cruces, NM taken from the Las Cruces Sun-News, 1980-. 929.3789 Vit
  • Life on the Prairies: Settling the Llano Estacado. 929.3789 Web


  • Luna County: Applications for Marriage License 1909-1912. 929.3789 App
  • Marriage Records of Dona Ana County. 929.3789 Man
  • Register of Marriages Celebrated in County of Grant, 1868-1872. 929.3789 R
  • Matrimonios: San Miguel del Socorro, San Ignacio y San Cristobal, San Marcial, Our Lady of Sorrows of La Jolla. 929.3789 Mat
  • New Mexico Marriages, Church of San Antonio de Sandia, 1771-1864. 929.3789 S
  • New Mexico Marriages, Santa Fe, St. Francis Parish & Military Chapel of Our Lady of Light (La Castrense) 1728-1857. 929.3789 Roy
  • New Mexico Marriages, Church of Santo Thomas de Abiquiu, 1759-1826. 929.3789 Are
  • New Mexico Marriages, Church in San Juan Pueblo, 1726-1776, 1831-1855 and Church in Santa Clara Pueblo, 1726-1832. 929.3789 New
  • New Mexico Marriages, Churches of Immaculate Conception of Tome and Our Lady of Belen. 929.3789 S
  • New Mexico Marriages, San Miguel del Bado (sic) Church, 1829-1878. 929.3789 New
  • New Mexico Marriages, Union County. 929.3789 Lof
  • Miscellaneous General Info: Raton Marriage Records. 929.3789 Mis
  • New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations from the Archivos Historicos del Arzobispado de Durango 1760-1799. 929.3789 New
  • New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations from the Archivos Historicos del Arzobispado de Durango, 1800-1893. 929.3789 New
  • New Mexico Marriages and Baptisms, San Augustin de la Isleta Church, marriages: 1726 1846; baptisms, 1730-1776, 1829-1842. 929.3789 Pfe
  • Sierra County New Mexico Marriage Records.929.3789 Sie
  • Parish Records, Silver City. 929.3789 Chu
  • Birth records on microfilm:
    Dona Ana County, 1901-1910 and 1941-early 1950s, other counties, 1940s


  • Albuquerque Baptisms, 1706-1850. 929.3789 Alb
  • NM Baptisms, Church of San Felipe de Neri in Albuquerque. 929.3789 New
  • NM Baptisms, San Miguel del Bado (sic) Church. 929.3789
  • Are Bautismos: Nuestra Senora de Belen Church. 929.3789 Bau
  • NM Baptisms, Church of Our Lady of Belen 1810-1851. 929.3789 New
  • NM Baptisms, Nuestra Senora de la Imaculada Concepcion de Tome. 929.3789 New
  • NM Baptisms of Santa Fe: Parroquia de San Francisco de Asis. 929.3789 New
  • NM Baptisms, San Miguel de Socorro Church, 1821-1853. 929.3789 New
  • NM Baptisms, Church of Santo Tomas de Abiquiu. 929.3789 Olm
  • NM Baptisms, Santa Cruz de la Canada Church. 929.3789 Olm
  • NM Marriages & Baptisms, San Augustin de la Isleta Church, marriages: 1726-1846, baptisms, 1730-1776, 1829-1842. 929.3789 Pfe
  • NM Baptisms, Santa Gertrudis Church of Mora, 1855-1860. 929.3789 Reg
  • Parish Records, Silver City. 929.3789 Chu
  • Death Records of Mohoney Mortuary: Deming, Luna County, 1894-1907. 929.3789 D
    Funeral Records: Graham Mortuary, 1912-1931. 929.3789 Fun
    Death Records for Southern New Mexico taken from the El Paso (Texas) Times. 929.3789 Dea
    Register of Deaths, Dona Ana County, 1909-1919. 929.3789 R
    Newspaper Obituaries from the Las Cruces Sun-News, 1980-present. 929.3789 Vit
    Miscellaneous Genealogical Information: Death Records Silver City, 1900-1990 929.3789 Mis
    Death Certificates on microfilm, most NM counties, 1908-1940s.

  • New Mexico Cemeteries. 929.3789 Bre
  • New Mexico Cemeteries. 929.3789 N
  • Cemeteries of De Baca County. 929.3789 Cem
  • Cemeteries of Dona Ana County. 929.3789 Cem
  • San Jose Cemetery, Las Cruces. 929.3789 S
  • San Jose Cemetery, Las Cruces. 929.3789 San
  • Masonic Cemetery, Las Cruces, 1865-1985. 929.3789 Mas
  • San Albion Cemetery, Mesilla (through 2002). 929.3789 San
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception, Albuquerque. Burials in Santa Barbara Cemetery, 1876-1924. 929.3789 Chu
  • Community Cemeteries, Sierra County. 929.3789 Sie
  • Sierra County, Cemetery Records. 929.3789 Sie
  • Cemetery at 'Old' Berino. 929.3789 Dod
  • And They Laid Them to Rest: Old Seven Rivers Cemetery, Eddy County. 929.3789 Fer
  • Parish Records, Silver City. 929.3789 Chu
  • Directory of Silver City Memory Lane Cemetery, 1871-1988. 929.3789 Hen
  • Frontier Cemetery Records of Southern New Mexico. 929.3789 Fro
  • Miscellaneous General Info: New Mexico Cemetery Records Other Than Dona Ana County. 929.3789 Mis
  • Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Missionary Ridge Cemetery-Mesquite. 929.3789 Dah
  • Tombstones: Fairview & IOOF cemeteries founded 1884. 929.3789 Tom
  • Hot Springs Cemetery: Truth or Consequences, Sierra County, NM. 929.378967 Hot
  • Vista Memory Gardens Cemetery: Truth or Consequences, Sierra County, NM. 929.378967 Vis
  • 1750-1830, Spanish and Mexican Censuses of New Mexico. 929.3789 O
    Spanish and Mexican Colonial Censuses 1790, 1823, 1845.929.3789 Spa
    NM Census of 1833 and 1845: Socorro and surrounding communities of the Rio Abajo. 929.3789 New
    1850 New Mexico Territorial Census. 929.3789 New
    1851 Census of La Mesilla 929.3789 Eig
    Census of 1821, New Mexico Province, Santa Fe Parish. 929.3789 Est
    1910 Territorial Census for the Territory of New Mexico: every name index of Chaves County. 929.3789 Eve
    1850 Census Index, New Mexico. 929.3789 Jac
    1860 Census Index, New Mexico. 929.3789 J
    1870 Census Index, New Mexico. 929.3789 J
    La Junta Precinct #11 and the area surrounding Fort Union: Mora and San Miguel counties 1860, 1870 and 1880 Federal Census. 929.3789 Mye
    NM 1890 Special Census of Veterans, authors and paleographers. 929.3789 N 1890 New Mexico Tax Assessments: A Territorial Census Substitute. 929.3789 Dan


    1850 Valencia county
    1860 Arizona
    1860 Bernalillo, Dona Ana, Rio Arriba counties
    1870 Bernalillo, Colfax, Dona Ana, Grant counties
    1880 Bernalillo, Colfax, Dona Ana, Grant, Lincoln counties
    1885 Bernalillo, Colfax, Dona Ana, Grant counties
    1890 Widows and orphans, Military
    1900 Colfax (partial), Dona Ana, Eddy, Grant, Guadalupe counties
    1910 Curry, Dona Ana, Eddy, Guadalupe counties
    1920 Colfax, Curry, Lea, Dona Ana counties
    1930 Bernalillo, Catron, Chavez, Colfax, Curry, DeBaca, Dona Ana, Eddy, Grant, Guadalupe, Harding, Hidalgo, Lea, Lincoln, Luna, McKinley, Mora, Otero, Quay, Rio Arriba, Roosevelt, Sandoval, San Juan, San Miguel, Santa Fe, Sierra, Socorro, Taos, Union, Torrance, Valencia counties

  • DONA ANA :Directory and Maps of the Masonic Cemetery, 1876-1979, also birth and death notices, obituaries and news items copied from The Boarder 1871-1872; The Southwest Sentinel 1883-1885. 929.3789 H
  • DONA ANA :Ft. Selden Troop List. 929.3789 For
  • DONA ANA :History of the Hatch Valley. 929.3789 His
  • DONA ANA :Las Cruces & Vicinity City Directories- 1948, 1951, 1956, 1958-59, 1960, 1962, 1964-68, 1970-1996, 1998-2007. 917.89 Las
  • ALARID & MOYA : Santa Fe Shadows Whisper: A History of the Alarid and Moya Families. Alarid, Waldo 929.3789 Ala
  • ALTMAN, GRAHAM, LEE, MCNEWS :The Pioneers of 1885 in NM who refused to be subdued: the Altmans, Grahams, Lees and McNews. 929.3789 McN
  • GECK : An Autobiography of Louis William Geck. Geck, Louis William 929.3789 K
  • GODOI : The Family of Lucero de Godoi, Early Records. 929.3789 Bux
  • HOOKER & SHELLEY : Pioneer Families of Grant County. 929.3789 M
  • New Mexico DAR Lineage Book. 929.3789 Dau
  • New Mexico Roots: 1678-1869. 929.3789 Cha
  • Origins of New Mexico Families: A genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period. 929.3789 Cha
  • TELLEZ : Tellez: History and Genealogy. 929.3789 Tel
  • Albuquerque Morning Democrat, February 1882-October 1903
  • El Democrata 1878
  • Dona Ana County Republican, 1900-1901
  • Las Cruces Bulletin, 1984-2006
  • Las Cruces Daily News, January 1934-December 1938
  • Las Cruces Sun-News, October 1937-present
  • Mesilla News, February 1874-February 1884
  • Mesilla Valley Independent, July 1877-July 1879
  • Mesilla Valley Democrat, August 1890-December 1890
  • Rio Grande Republican, May 1881-March 1923
  • Rio Grande Farmer, March 1921-December 1923
  • Thirty-Four, December 1878-June 1880
  • Everton Genealogical Helper, 2000-present
    Heritage Quest, 1996-2005
    Journal of the A.H.S. of Germans from Russia, 1986-1990
    La Herencia, 1996-2006
    National Genealogical Society News Magazines, 1998-2003
    National Genealogical Socitety Quarterly 1982
    New England Ancestors, 2002, 2007
    New England Historical Society, 1999
    New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 2007
    Pecos Trails, 1981-1992
    Rio Grande Researches, 1992-2004
    Ohio Genealogical Society, 2002

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